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Why Is Solomark 70700 Telescope A Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope For Beginners?

Why Is Solomark 70700 Telescope A Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope For Beginners?

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SOLOMARK 70700EQ Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope
+ High Magnification Power
+ Brighter and Clear View
+ Connectable to Phone
- Slightly Pricey

“Are you a stargazer looking for a professional telescope that is not only easy to handle but also lets you enjoy the distant views and sky? In that case, congratulations, you are on the right page. We acknowledge buying the best telescope can foster a love for astronomy for a lifelong time.”

Telescopes for Adults, 70mm Aperture and 700mm Focal Length Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope for Kids and Beginners – with EQ Mount, 2 Plossl Eyepieces and Smartphone Adapter

While many telescopes in the market can help you turn your stargazing hobby into professional astronomy, but Solomark 70700 Telescope can be the step to ease your astronomy journey. It is easy to handle for beginners and provides clear images to leave you in awe of the wonders of the universe.

If you are interested to learn more about why the Solomark 70700 Telescope is the professional astronomy refractor telescope for you, keep reading.

Why Choose Solomark 70700 Telescope Over Others?

Choosing your first telescope in the sea of competition in the market can be a little overwhelming for you. However, several reasons have persuaded us that the Solomark 70700 Telescope is the best professional astronomy refractor telescope for beginners.

The telescope is easy to handle for beginners and kids. With high-quality, clear images, you can observe the moon, planets and explore the milky way and other mysteries of the universe while protecting your eyes. Not only that, but you can also enjoy distant views and sceneries like mountains and rivers.

The stainless steel tripod telescope is easily adjusted to any height and angle so that you can use it with comfort. You can also assemble it with ease as you do not need any tool for it. Moreover, you can connect your Solomark 70700 Telescope with your phone to capture and save your images and share them with friends and family.

Note: Like every telescope, don’t consider aiming at the sun or even near the sun without proper filtration. It can damage your eyesight within seconds due to high rays through a magnifying glass.

Features of Solomark 70700 Telescope

1. High Magnification Power With Protection To Your Eyes

The Solomark 70700 telescope comes with a 70mm aperture and a 700 mm focal point with 10Mm And 20Mm Plossl Eyepieces. It makes this telescope perfect for beginners to get a wide field and bright image while exploring the sky and galaxies and distant terrain like mountains, rivers, birds, etc.

The optic lens is fully multi-coated with high transmission coatings, which produce high-quality images while protecting your eyes from the rays through a magnifying glass.

2. Adjustable Tripod

The Solomark 70700 telescope is a stainless steel tripod making it rigid and durable quality. It is also highly adjustable. You can adjust it to any height and angle to get you the best view. Moreover, you can also change it to get a comfortable spot so that you can spend hours with ease finding wonders in the sky.

3. Refractor Telescope

The Solomark 70700 telescope is a refractor type. It is common and easy to use with beginners. With refractors, you can aim at the Moon, planets, or even landscape. You can look through the eyepiece of the landscape to get a magnified image through the glass lenses.

4. Equatorial Mount

The Solomark 70700 telescope comes with Equatorial Mount and tracks the stars in an arc depending on your latitude. It comes with two slow-motion control cables, and you just need to mount it on a tripod stand.

5. Easy To Use

The Solomark 70700 telescope is easy to use and makes it perfect for beginners and even kids. You can assemble it quickly without any expert help as it doesn’t need any tool for assembling it. It can be attached to the smart phone adapter with a 10 mm Barlow lens with 70x magnification so that you can capture extraordinary images. You can also save the images and share your experience with your loved ones.


  • High magnification power.
  • Suitable for kids and beginners.
  • Easy assembling without any tool.
  • Brighter and clear view.
  • Connectable to phone.


  • Slightly pricey
  • Heavyweight
  • No variations in size

Tips To Buy Solomark 70700 Telescope

1. Aperture (Optical quality)

One of the essential features of a telescope is its Aperture (optical quality). The greater the aperture, the greater is its ability to focus light and distant images. In Solomark 70700 Telescope, the Aperture is 70 mm with a 700 mm focal point, enabling you to focus on distant objects from the sky or landscape to focus brightly and clearly on the telescope.

2. Mount Type

It is another essential feature to look for. The alt-azimuth mount moves your telescope in straight lines, and Equatorial Mount moves the telescope in an arc. The Solomark 70700 telescope has an Equatorial Mount, with two slow-motion cables giving you accurate images from the sky.

3. Telescope Eyepieces And Barlow Lenses

Telescope eyepieces focus the concentrated light from the celestial objects into bright images for you. And barrow lenses work with an eyepiece, multiplying its magnification power. The Solomark telescope comes with a 70mm aperture, 700 mm focal point, and 10Mm And 20Mm Barlow lenses.

4. Telescope Handling

When looking for a telescope, it is crucial to see if it is easy to use and assemble for beginners. The Solomark telescope is easy to use and easy to assemble and aim for the stars.

Is It Easy To Use This Solomark 70700 Telescope?

It is easy to use Solomark even as a beginner, as it can be assembled without any expert help or tools. Moreover, it is easy to aim at stars with its Equatorial Mount.

Is The Solomark 70700 Telescope Durable?

Yes, it is the telescope tripod made up of stainless steel, a highly durable quality.

Is The Height of A Tripod Adjustable?

The Solomark 70700 telescope can be adjusted to any height or angle to get the required focus and comfortable position.


To summarize it up, the amazing features of Solomark 70700 telescope make it a professional astronomy refractor telescope for you especially if you are a beginner. Easy assembling, usage and aiming, along with getting high-quality images make it your number one best friend in the journey of astronomy.

Before buying Solomark 70700 telescope, read its features, benefits and tips to help you in buying decisions. So, when are you getting your first Solomark telescope to advance your stargazing adventure?

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