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Is the HEXEUM Night Vision Goggles Night Vision Binoculars NV3180 Worth the Hype?

Is the HEXEUM Night Vision Goggles Night Vision Binoculars NV3180 Worth the Hype?

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“Looking for the perfect gear for your next trip into the wild? Or do you perceive there are many night activities in your surroundings and want to find out just how much?”

HEXEUM Night Vision Goggles Night Vision Binoculars for Adults – Digital Infrared Binoculars can Save Photo and Video with 32GB Memory Card

Whichever category you fall into, the HEXEUM infrared digital night vision binoculars NV3180 is perfect for you.

These high-performance binoculars are made of high-quality optics and IR-sensitive CMOS that provide outstanding quality images and videos. This makes it a powerful tool for observations and surveillance day and night.

It features a long-range, adjustable IR night vision that captures high-quality images in pitch darkness. This makes it suitable for camping, night hunting/fishing, surveillance, search & rescue missions, wildlife observation, night navigation, bird watching, and many other outdoor activities. The exciting fact is that it covers a long distance of up to 400m in 100% darkness. Imagine how far it will cover during the day. Sounds great, right?

There’s more. This device comes with a 32GB microSD card to store captured photos and videos of amazing moments. The contents can easily be transferred to your PC after each trip. This creates space for more.

Still in doubt? A look at the exciting features of this device will convince you. Keep reading.

HEXEUM Infrared Digital Night Vision Binoculars NV3180 Specs

  • Aperture: F 1.2 f = 25mm
  • Lens Angle: FOV = 10o
  • Display Screen: Inner Screen 2.31” TFT
  • Outer Screen: 98*48mm
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • All Dark Viewing Distance: 1300FT/400M
  • Weak Light Viewing Distance: 3M¬Infinity
  • IR LED: 3W, 850nm, 7-gear adjustable intensity
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: 9V 6x 1.5AA batteries (not included)
  • Storage: 32GB microSD card
  • Water Resistance: IP66
  • Item Dimensions: 7.72 x 5.75 x 2.32 inches
  • Item Weight: 576g

Package Contains

  • 1 Night Vision Goggle
  • 1 Storage Bag (Backpack)
  • 1 Packing Box
  • 1 32GB SD Card
  • 1 Neck Strap
  • 1 Data Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Cleaning Cloth

Features of HEXEUM Infrared Digital Night Vision Binoculars NV3180

HEXEUM infrared digital night vision binoculars NV3180 bring amazing novel features to the world of night vision binoculars. It is ranked #1 in night vision binoculars and goggles.

  • Full Optical Binocular System

HEXEUM infrared digital night vision binoculars NV3180 is a high-performance digital night vision binocular system. It is designed with CMOS sensors to provide high-quality optical clarity at up to 3x magnification. Sounds powerful, right?

That’s not all. It features a 4X digital zoom that allows you to zoom in for a more detailed view or capture an object. You can also zoom out to view or capture a broader perspective. Its focus can be manually adjusted by turning the focusing handwheel depending on the observation distance. Rotate left for far distance observation and right when observing from a near distance.

Having a 10o angle of view that offers a full view, this device is perfect for a wide range of activities. It is suitable for camping, surveillance, patrol detection, search & rescue, watching wildlife, among many other outdoor activities. It works well both during the day and at night.

  • High-Quality IR Night Vision with Long Viewing Range

The IR night vision is arguably the most outstanding feature of the HEXEUM infrared digital night vision binoculars NV3180. The IR night vision is adjustable up to 7 levels according to available lighting. Observations are farther and clearer as IR light gear is adjusted upward.

Not only that, objects can be viewed in complete darkness at a long viewing range of 1300ft/400m. This simply means that in 100% darkness, objects can be viewed vividly for up to 1300ft. This includes capturing HD pictures and 960p videos in total darkness. This makes it perfect for night hunting, night navigation, night fishing, camping, and almost every other night activity. How good can this get?

The night vision transmits to a 2.3” TFT wide view screen that converts to a large 3” viewing screen using the convex lens. This provides a clear and detailed display of your observations.

NB: Activate IR by pressing the IR Up button. Short press IR Up button to increase IR level and short press IR Down button to reduce the level.

  • Good and Flexible Storage

The HEXEUM night vision goggles night vision binoculars NV3180 is packed with a 32GB microSD card. This enables you to store captured images and videos, which friends and family can later view. You can relive your camping experience by watching these videos.

Not only that, a data cable is included in the package. This allows you to connect the binoculars directly to your PC and transmit data to prevent the loss of precious data. You can also transfer data by inserting the microSD card into a card reader. That is if you do not want to connect the binoculars directly to your PC.

In addition to all these amazing features, the binoculars automatically stamp date, time, and GPS ID on captured photos and videos. This is great for easy filing and tracking of data.

  • Stable Picture Capture

HEXEUM infrared digital night vision binoculars NV3180 are equipped for fast, stable, and dynamic capturing. It has a picture stabilization feature that enables you to capture stable images of moving objects, e.g., animals. The picture stabilization feature is aided by the ability of the binoculars to take fast multiple shots. This eliminates the chances of capturing blurred images.

The HEXEUM infrared digital night vision binoculars NV3180 can also be mounted on a threaded tripod. The screw hole at the bottom of the binoculars connects directly to the tripod. Making use of the tripod provides more stable and comfortable viewing. It makes the binoculars super easy and convenient to use.

  • Day and Night Use

The HEXEUM infrared digital night vision binoculars NV3180 works excellently both during the day and at night. It can be used for birdwatching, wildlife observation, landscape, and scenery viewing during the day. At night, this powerful device becomes a tool for every outdoor night activity.

It runs on 6x 1.5AA non-rechargeable batteries (not included in the package). Batteries can run for 8 hours continuously with the IR illuminator in use. It can run for up to 17 hours when the IR illuminator is not in use. You do not have to worry about losing battery power during extended monitoring.

NB: Batteries have to be connected correctly for binoculars to come on. Remove batteries when not in use.


In Conclusion

Camping, night hunting, night fishing, wildlife observation, among many others, make your vacations exciting. The HEXEUM infrared digital night vision binoculars NV3180 constitute a major boost to that excitement. It is a must-have for lovers of outdoor activities.

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