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What is the First Binocular You Should Buy? Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 10x42 Binocular Must Have

What is the First Binocular You Should Buy? Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 10×42 Binocular Must Have

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“First of all, I have to say there is no limit to the use of a binocular. You can use a binocular to get a magnified view of any object located far away. Who found these binoculars? When? J.P. Lemiere is the inventor of binocular. And it happened in 1825.”

Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 10×42 Binocular (Black)

Since then binocular we have today has developed a lot for nearly two centuries. Without paying much attention to the technical side, let’s see what uses you can have by owning a binocular.

  • Hiking
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Birding
  • Hunting
  • Stargazing
  • Golf
  • Sports Events
  • Theatre

You may be looking for a binocular you could use in general for all the above purposes. Or you might be having something specific in mind. Whatever the case, this is your first binocular. You should not buy an extra expensive product. Same time the binocular you buy should not ruin your first experience as well. In the end, it should be a worthy investment for you.

A Budget Binocular that Can Give You an Exceptional Experience

I hope all of you have heard about Nikon Cameras. It’s quite a famous name among photographers. But they are not limited to manufacturing cameras and their accessories. You can find a wide range of binoculars made by Nikon.

Out of those considering the price and specification, I recommend you Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 10×42 Binocular. I’ll share my experience and review this fascinating binocular.

First Impression

It may not make sense a lot for a beginner at first. But to get a general idea about MONARCH 5, you can go through its specifications.

  • Focusing System Central Focus
  • Magnification 10x
  • Objective Diameter 42mm
  • Angular Field of View (Real) 5.5°
  • Angular Field of View (Apparent) 51.3°
  • FOV at 1000 yds 288 ft.
  • Close Focus Distance 7.8 ft.
  • Exit Pupil 4.2mm
  • Eye Relief 18.4mm

5 Stars for the Design

Most of the times binocular is an outdoor sports tool. But single drop can cause glass lenses and prisms to shatter. Because of that, you should handle your binocular with care. But for me, this is a headache when I’m wondering outdoor.

  • Durable Rubber Body

Nikon MONARCH 5 Binocular has rubber armour around it that can prevent damages to the lenses under extreme conditions. Not only that, the binocular has Nitrogen filled in them. There are O-Ring seals at every entrance. Because of that, this binocular is waterproof and fog proof.

  • Easy to Carry

Powerful binoculars are generally heavy tools. But Nikon has delivered a 21.6 oz lightweight binocular for your comfort. The grip of the binocular is quite comfortable and feels secure in the hand.

  • Comfortable Viewing

You can find MONARCH 5 with a high eyepoint. It gives a clear field of view even when you are wearing pair of glasses.

  • Comfy Rubber Eyecups

Turn and slide rubber eyecups allow us to adjust the eye relief for our liking. I find this helpful when I’m viewing through binocular for an extended period.

  • Smooth Moving Focus Knob

The focus knob is what we will always turn to when we are looking through our binocular. Whether it is a bird or your favorite soccer player, you to focus on them to get a clear picture. If the focus knob is not smooth enough, you will find that quite annoying.

Happy to say MONARCH 5 binocular has no such issue. You will find that focusing through the rubber grip knob very smooth and easy.

When it comes to a binocular, it is all about its optics. I’ll try to give a rough idea about the optics of Nikon MONARCH 5. So you know the secrets behind clear viewing.


All the prisms in the MONARCH 5 Binocular have Dielectric High-Reflective Multilayer Prism Coating on them. This coating brings in the same amount of light as when we are viewing through our naked eyes. The reason behind clear high-contrast images that display accurate color reproduction is this.

Objective Lenses

Nikon MONARCH 5 Binoculars use Nikon’s ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass lenses. The specialty of these ED lenses is the correction of chromatic aberrations across the furthest limits of the visible light range and effectively compensate for color fringing. In simple terms, these lenses can give you the most accurate colors, unlike other binoculars.

Eyepiece Lenses

Although 51.3° field is an average value, it’s a lot for the amount of money we pay. You can say a flat field is the best for a binocular. Although it’s not perfect, it has an almost flat field.

Field Test

Forget the features, experience gained from using the Nikon MONARCH 5 Binoculars can say many words about it. While binocular is hanging around your neck, you won’t feel any discomfort due to the lightweight. Viewing experience also easy compared to heavy binoculars I have used in the past.

When you are viewing an object, I say you will amaze by the view it creates. Accurate colors, well-lit images with high sharpness seem like a surprise coming from this small binocular.

Night Sky

First of all, don’t get me wrong, these binoculars do not have night vision. But binoculars are commonly used to watch the night sky and its objects. In my experience of watching the moon, it came better than I expected.

There were no flares or foggy shapes on the view. But watching stars presented an issue because the True Field is not wide enough. The colors of the stars were accurate enough, and objects had enough light.

What Do You Get As Accessories?

  • Carry Case – Padded carry case becomes useful when you place the binoculars inside the bag.
  • Strap – Lightweight but strap comes in handy when you need your arms free.
  • Lens Covers – It’s a good habit to cover the lenses when not in use.

Besides these, I would recommend you to keep a cleaner to keep your lenses clean.



Nikon MONARCH 5 binocular is a low budget binocular compared to other binoculars. But for a beginner, it’s more than what you could imagine. MONARCH 5 is the right tool until you get a complete hang of your hobby. The 4.8-star roaring rating on Amazon says a lot about how much other customers loved it.

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