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Why Choose Solomark 70700 Telescope Over Others? Solomark 70700 Telescope Review

Why Choose Solomark 70700 Telescope Over Others? Solomark 70700 Telescope Review

Top 5 Hot Selling Telescopes (5 Best Telescopes In 2021)

We Like
Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ
+ Quality Optics
+ Wireless Remote
+ TWO-YEAR Warranty
- The Stand is Short
Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope
+ Easy Portability
+ Best For Imaging
+ Pleasing Wide-Field
- Headache of Setting Up EQ Mount
Celestron – AstroMaster 70AZ Telescope
+ Extraordinary Design
+ Reasonable Price
+ Durable and Functional
- Limited Mount
Honslis 70mm Aperture 500mm Telescope
+ Simple to Assemble
+ Waterproof
+ Budget-Friendly
- Dust-Sensitive
SOLOMARK 70700EQ Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope
+ High Magnification Power
+ Brighter and Clear View
+ Connectable to Phone
- Slightly Pricey

“Are you tired of doing a lot of research to figure out how to purchase the perfect telescope that meets your requirements? If yes, then don’t worry, as we are here to assist you in getting a better telescope.”

Telescopes for Adults, 70mm Aperture and 700mm Focal Length Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope for Kids and Beginners – with EQ Mount, 2 Plossl Eyepieces and Smartphone Adapter

We all understand how tough it is to select the ideal telescope because there are so many telescopes with advanced features available on the market.

However, we also understand that telescope selection is greatly influenced by how much money you are willing to spend on it and your financial limitations. As a result, selecting the ideal telescope is becoming increasingly difficult. But don’t you worry, as your issue will be resolved in a matter of minutes.

Because we will mention the Solomark 70700 telescope review which is considered as one of the most amazing telescopes for beginners. So to know more about it read this article till the end.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Telescope

Here are some factors to consider before buying a telescope to ensure that you get the perfect one

1. Light Gathering Capability 

The stronger a telescope’s light-gathering capability, the better you’ll be able to see distant stars and faint things in the night sky.

2. Aperture 

The aperture of a telescope, or the diameter of its lens or mirror, is the most significant factor to consider before purchasing one. Because a wider gap allows more light to pass through it; thus distant objects appear brighter.

3. Mount 

The mount is another aspect of a telescope to consider. This allows you to turn the telescope smoothly while keeping it steady to see different parts of the sky.

4. Magnification 

It relates to how much larger an object appears when viewed through a telescope, so choose accordingly.

5. Observing Preferences

What would you like to see via your telescope? Is it only the moon and the planets or wanted to see nebulae and galaxies? So if you only want to look at the moon and bright planets occasionally, you’ll need a much smaller telescope than if you’re dead set on looking at faint galaxies and star clusters.

Is It Worth To Buy A Solomark 70700 Telescope?

Yes, indeed. This telescope is ideal for kids and beginners because of its bright image clarity and strong magnification power. The 700 x 70 mm refractor telescope is suitable for newbies to explore the night sky, including moons, planets, clusters, and distant scenery like mountains, flowers, birds, and wild animals.

Moreover, it includes Replaceable two-part oculars (PL10mm, PL20mm), which provide a magnification range of 35X-70X, thus extending the range of visible objects. Its High-quality multi-coated glass optics, including a 70-mm high-permeability refractor lens.

These refractor lenses are ideal for bird watching, nature studies, and landscape photography during the day, as well as night star and moon observation at night. It’s simple and portable to set up and operate, offers excellent views, and requires almost no maintenance.

As a consequence, purchasing it will be well worth your money. But check the Solomark 70700 telescope review from a reputable website to keep yourself safe from scammers.

Incredible Features Of Solomark 70700

1. Equatorial Mount Type

Equatorial mounts use one of their axes to align with earth’s axis to follow the apparent motion of the stars. So this mount has two slow-motion control cables that allow you to adjust the telescope’s pointing in both R.A. and Declination.

Most astronomical telescopes and cameras use this style of mount. However, Solomark also offers this type of mount.

2. Phone Adapter And Tripod Stand 

It contains a stainless steel adjustable tripod stand that meets any height and angle and provides your phone stability. It also contains a smartphone adapter with 1.5X barlow lens that provides 70X magnification, enabling you to capture and share images and videos.

3. Great Optical Performance 

The 10Mm and 20Mm Plossl eyepieces on the 70Mm aperture and 700Mm focal length telescope magnifies 70X and 35X, respectively. Plossl eyepieces have higher optical performance than K and H eyepieces.

4. Easy-To-Set Up  

These telescopes are simple to set up to save time. This means that these telescopes may be installed without the use of any additional tools, making them truly no-tool-set telescopes.

5. User-Friendly

This telescope has erect image optics and can be used for both terrestrial and astronomical purposes. The high transmission coatings on the fully multi-coated optical glass lens offer magnificent visuals while protecting your eyes. As a result, making them available to both children and adults.

Why Is The F. Ratio Significant When Purchasing A Telescope?

Because the F. Ratio of a telescope determines what may be observed and what type of stargazing is ideal for individuals. Thus the smaller the f/number, the lower the magnification, the wider the field, and the brighter the image.

However, small f-ratios of f/4 to f/5, on the other hand, are ideal for broad imaging and deep space objects like galaxies and vice versa. As a result, ask about F.Ratio whenever going to purchase a telescope.

Why Not Use A Telescope To Observe The Sun?

Because, Direct, unfiltered sunlight causes permanent, irreversible eye damage, including blindness, even if only for a few seconds. When watching the Sun with a nocturnal telescope larger than 70mm, it does not utilize a Herschel wedge or projection method, which can lead to a buildup of heat inside the telescope and ultimately damage the telescope’s optics.

So, It’s necessary to keep in mind that, regardless of whether you’re using eclipse glasses, you should never stare at the sun through a telescope or binoculars. This is because these devices will magnify the sun’s rays even more than your eyes.

What Can You Observe With A 70700 Telescope?

A 70mm telescope can easily observe every planet in the solar system, from Jupiter’s bright bands and belts to its four major moons and Saturn’s rings. However, you’ll also be able to get a better view of the moon and observe most of its distinguishing features and holes with this telescope.


To summarize, today’s telescope is a wonderful tool for astrology enthusiasts since it expands the sense of sight much beyond their imagination. Moreover, choosing the right telescope can make your astronomy experience even more stunning.

We hope that after reading our article, your mind is clear and you’ve made a decision since we’ve covered everything there is to know about the Solomark 70700 telescope review. So hurry up and get yours to explore your own galaxy and unlock the door to astronomy.

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