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Do You Own ScoopX 10x42 Binoculars(S-BW19) for All Outdoor Adventures?

Do You Own ScoopX 10×42 Binoculars(S-BW19) for All Outdoor Adventures?

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“How many trips did you miss during the past year due to the pandemic? I missed all. It was a lockdown, and I was stuck at my home for a whole complete year. But time at home was not a total waste because I was preparing for my next camping trip.”

10×42 Ultra HD Binoculars for Adults with Harness – Waterproof Binoculars for Hunting Bird Watching – 24mm Large View Eyepiece, Edge-to-Edge Clarity, Lightweight Magnesium Chassis, BAK-4 Prism

That’s when I found ScoopX Binocular S-BW19 on Amazon. It matched my budget, and its specs definitely indicated that I’m getting more than I’m paying for. The package arrived within a week at my doorstep.

I finally got to go on my camping trip. ScoopX S-BW19 Binocular certainly added many great moments with nature during that trip. In this article, let’s look at its specifications along with my personal experience with the binocular.

Where Can You Use ScoopX S-BW19 Binocular?

  • Hiking
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Birding
  • Hunting
  • Stargazing
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Sports events

Besides these, you can use this binocular on any occasion where you need to watch something at a distance. But ScoopX S-BW19 can not see in the darkness. In simple terms, it doesn’t have night vision. But that being said, you can use it for stargazing.

Next, let’s see how ScoopX S-BW19 performs on the field.

What is the Build Quality and Dimensions of the ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars?

First, we will look at the dimensions of this binocular.

  • Length – 5.7 inches
  • Width – 5.1 inches
  • Height – 2.1 inches

Well, this is not a binocular that’s big in size. As you see in these dimensions, ScoopX S-BW19 fits fine on your hands. As same as the size, the weight of the device plays a role when selecting a binocular. Many of us do not like to carry a heavyweight binocular around our neck on a tiresome hike.

  • Weight – 1.49 pounds (675g)

This weight is not much compared to other binoculars available in the market. And wait for a surprise about how you carry the ScoopX S-BW19 around. When you use that, this binocular feels weightless.

What are the Materials Used?

Two noticeable materials were used to make ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars.

  • Magnesium Alloy
  • Plastic

Magnesium chassis has given the strength and durability that you can get from a metal body. Magnesium is a lightweight metal. It has helped to reduce the weight by almost 35%.

Plastic parts are used where you are gripping the binocular. That material makes the binocular slip-resistant.

Is ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars Waterproof?

When you are hiking or crossing a forest, there is no way of telling when it will rain. Even if it didn’t not rain, there are times where you have to cross water paths. If you have to save your binoculars from water all that time, it will be a big headache.

  • IPX-7 Waterproof

There is nothing to be worried about because ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars feature an IPX-7 waterproof construction.

During my last camping trip, it was pouring down a lot. I was wearing my rain jacket though out the trip. But I constantly used my binoculars to look around. Happy to say it had no issues under that damp conditions.

I know the next question that comes to your mind now. Is ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars fog proof? Big Yes, for that as well. This binocular is Nitrogen purged to avoid any water vapor from getting inside.

What is the Magnification Power of ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars?

  • Magnification Power – 10

This magnification power is ideal for birding without disturbing their natural habitats. Or watching aggressive wildlife without getting close to them.

How Good is the View Quality of ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars?

This is the most significant feature in any binocular. There is nothing more frustrating than bad-quality images when you are birding. Clarity, better color accuracy, and high contrast must feature on any good quality binocular.

Image Quality Highlights of ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars

  • 20mm BAK4 Prism
  • 46 layers of Advanced Fully Multi-Coated Lens
  • Dielectric coating
  • Phase correction coating

Well, I’m no expert in explaining everything above in detail. But I will share my experience of view quality of this binocular.

The first thing I noticed was the super brightness of the images. It was an indication that enough light is coming in through ScoopX S-BW19. Color accuracy was another quality that I noticed during birding. The colors of the bird’s feathers were accurate when viewing through the binocular.

Do ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars have Wide-Angle Optics?

Many binoculars that I have used had a common problem, that was smaller ocular lenses. To take a complete look at an object, I had to bring my eyes as close as possible to the lens. There are 24mm larger ocular lenses with fewer borders in ScoopX S-BW19. Due to this, we can have a wider field of view and larger images.

In simple words, you can see the whole bird in one frame easily with ScoopX S-BW19 without having to move around the binocular.

Is ScoopX S-BW19 Binocular Distortion-Free?

Have you noticed distortions when looking through a binocular? Objects shapes are distorted and giving you false details? Well, all the binocular manufacturers try to minimize this distortion in their products. As I see it, Flat Field of View Tech used in ScoopX S-BW19 Binoculars does this job better than anyone.

Can You Mount ScoopX S-BW19 Binocular onto a Tripod?

Yes, You can mount this binocular onto a tripod. There is a ¼ inch 20 threads hole on the binocular where you can use an adapter to connect the two. With this, you can get a more stable viewing experience. Not only that, you can capture the images through your phone using a phone adapter.

Do You get a Harness and a Binocase with ScoopX S-BW19 Binocular?

Well, you must be wondering why a harness? When you carry your binocular all day hanging from your neck, it can give you neck pain. To avoid that and make carrying the device more convenient, ScoopX has given you the harness and the Binocase.

I tried carrying the binocular with the harness on my last camping trip. That was far easier than hanging the binocular around my neck. Binocular case enough space to put my phone as well.


After reading up to this point, what do you think about the ScoopX S-BW19 10×42 Ultra HD Binoculars? Isn’t it the perfect binocular to have when you are going on your outdoor adventures? It’s affordable and has all the cool features a binocular can have. I think you should give ut a try as well.

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