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Why VABSCE 2K Digital Night Vision Monocular QB008 Is Great For Night Time Recording?

Why VABSCE 2K Digital Night Vision Monocular QB008 Is Great For Night Time Recording?

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“Are you looking for a night vision monocular that is affordable yet best for its value? Then we just got a device for you. VABSCE 2K Digital Night Vision Monocular QB008 is a great tool that will give you an eye in 100% darkness.”

VABSCE Digital Night Vision Monocular for 100% Darkness, 2K Full HD Video Long Distance Infrared Night Vision Goggles Binoculars for Hunting, Camping, Travel, Surveillance with 32 GB Micro SD Card

Having a night vision monocular is amazing. Either you want to use it for hunting after dark or enjoy wildlife during camping at night. Or you just want to put surveillance outside your house to take care of trespassers in the dark. A night vision monocular is handy for this purpose. But why VABSCE Night Vision is best for this purpose?

Sit back and read till the end, as we will cover this product’s features and tell you how it has the edge over others. So let’s begin.

How VABSCE Digital Night Vision Monocular Stands Tall?

VABSCE 2K Digital Night Vision Monocular QB008 is an affordable, handy tool to get a vision in the dark. This powerful gadget can even make you able to see in 100% pitch-black darkness. More on this down the article.

Most monoculars cost above $100, but VABSCE Digital Night Vision QB008 gives the same value at just $79.99. While most monoculars die out pretty quickly, QB008 has room for up to 5 AA-sized 1.5-volt batteries. These provide enough juice to QB008 to capture every moment out there.

Highlighted Features Of VABSCE 2K Digital Night Vision Monocular QB008

Here are some of the most robust features of VABSCE Night Vision Monocular:

  • Full HD 2K Recording

VABSCE Digital Night Vision Monocular can record a Full HD 2K video and take 2K images. It is better to have 2K resolution than ordinary HD (720p) provided by other monoculars in this price range. And what is more charming about VABSCE is that the videos will record at 30 FPS at maximum resolution.

  • UltraZoom Capability

Most of the monoculars that fall in this price range have just optical zoom, and their quality falls gradually. VABSCE Night Vision Monocular comes with crystal clear 3x optical zoom capability, and it can further go to 5x digital zoom. Hence you can see objects 984 feet or 300 meters away clearly.

  • IR Night Vision Capturing

A night vision monocular is useless without infrared technology. VABSCE Digital Night Vision packs a no-glow infrared illuminator. It has an 850 nm infrared LED that focuses precisely on any object standing in pitch-black darkness. This ability will make you as stealthy as a ninja.

Moreover, it has seven levels of IR brightness. You can adjust them according to your desire.

  • Light-Weight And Portable

VABSCE Digital Night Vision Monocular is a small partner that you can carry without noticing anything about it. With the padded strap, it fits comfortably in your palm. This device weighs just 10.2 ounces or 290 grams, which makes it more portable than others. With its ergonomic design, you can even carry it in your pocket.

  • Bigger Storage Capacity

What if you run into a storage problem during your journey? Awful right? VABSCE cares about you; that’s why you will have a 32 GB microSD card along with your Digital Night Vision Monocular. But what if you want more? It can support a 512 GB microSD card. Moreover, it has incredible 50% more data processing than others.

Pros And Cons Of VABSCE Monocular


  • IP56 Level water-resistant.
  • Can work straight up to 15 Hours.
  • F850 nm No-Glow Infrared LED.
  • 3x Optical Zoom and 5x Digital Zoom.


  • Night vision mode does not record sound.
  • Night vision video recording will be in Black and White.

Tips To Use VABSCE Digital Night Vision Monocular

Here we brought some tips for you to use the VABSCE Digital Night Vision Monocular so that you can fully benefit with this amazing product.

  1. To power it on/off, hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  2. If the device does not power on, check the polarity of the batteries.
  3. To enable IR mode, press the IR+ button. Then you also can press it to increase IR brightness.
  4. The night vision mode will not work through windows. The infrared rays will reflect from the glass.
  5. IR mode uses a lot of battery, so don’t keep it on all time. If the battery is insufficient, then the IR brightness will decrease automatically.
  6. Do not use worn-out batteries with the new ones. Always install a fresh set of batteries.
  7. Its auto-focus works superbly, but you can rotate the lens manually for a clearer view.


VABSCE 2K Digital Night Vision Monocular QB008 is a great pal who will help you in Dark Times. It has better zoom, better storage capacity, better resolution, better usage time. It is water-resistant, lightweight, portable as well as is affordable than others. To sum it all up, VABSCE Digital Monocular provides amazing features to its value.

So for next time, if you go out in the dark, you should better have its back on your side.

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VABSCE Digital Night Vision Monocular Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, VABSCE Digital Night Vision Monocular is water-resistant. It has passed the IP56 level water-resistance test. So you don’t have to worry about using it in the rain.
No, it cannot record sound in night vision mode. Due to the limitations of distance, you are unable to record sound. But the picture quality is promising, which masks this inability.
It is a simple plug-and-move file. You can connect your PC with Digital Night Vision Monocular via USB cable. Or you can just take the microSD card out and connect it to the PC through a card reader.
This device runs on 5 AA-sized 1.5V batteries. So it has a 6 Hours continuous usage time with IR powered on. But you can use VABSCE Monocular with IR powered off for straight 15 Hours.