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Why Should You Buy A ToyerBee Telescope?

Why Should You Buy A ToyerBee Telescope?

“Are you looking for the right telescope that is easy to use and budget-friendly? Do you want to buy a basic level telescope as a gift but do not know where to look? Have you heard about the ToyerBee Refractor Telescope?”

ToyerBee Telescope for Adults & Kids, 70mm Aperture (15X-150X) Portable Refractor Telescopes for Astronomy Beginners, 300mm Professional Travel Telescope with A Smartphone Adapter& A Wireless Remote

You can explore the stars with your family and friends with a little research and the correct telescope. But where do you start looking for the appropriate one? Finding the correct telescope for amateur astronomers can be difficult. If you’re one of them, don’t worry; we’ve got the ToyerBee Refractor Telescope for you.

Without further ado, let us have a look at its prominent features.

Incredible Features Of ToyerBee 70mm Aperture (15X-150X) Portable Refractor Telescopes

The ToyerBee 70mm Aperture (15X-150X) Portable Refractor Telescopes have some incredible features that make them stand out among all others. These come in a super value package which includes adjustable aluminum tripod, backpack, star map, moon map and installation manual. Adjustable tripod supports 360 degree rotation and the height can be adjusted from 16″ to 49″.

1. High Magnification

With a 3X Barlow lens and two replaceable eyepieces, the ToyerBee telescope can magnify objects from 15 to 150 times. The ToyerBee telescope is ideal for you whether you are watching planets, stars, or the moon at night.

It is an excellent telescope for both adults and children and astronomy newbies. As a terrestrial telescope, the refractor telescope delivers excellent views of mountains, valleys, and many other features of the world around.

2. Large Aperture

The 70mm big aperture objective lens on this refractor telescope makes the views brighter and clearer for you. The larger the aperture, the wider the field of vision, and hence the sharper the images.

It comes with a moon mirror that makes viewing the moon easier and shows better details. This ToyerBee telescope will make it easier for adults and children to see the planets and stars.

3. Wireless Remote

One smartphone adapter and one wireless camera remote are included in the ToyerBee telescope kit, allowing you to explore the natural world through the screen. You will be able to capture some incredible images to share with your friends.

This telescope has a spotting scope attached to the top of it, which helps with focusing on specific subjects, and it can be used with the included two eyepieces that have different levels of magnification. This telescope comes with a phone adapter and a wireless remote, so you can conveniently take pictures of what you see.

4. Easy To Assemble

The ToyerBee 70mm Aperture (15X-150X) Portable Refractor Telescopes come with a complete set of paper and video installation guidelines. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any installation problems. Even the kids and astronomy beginners can install these independently without any tools. This telescope is great for 8-12 kids.

The telescope is very compact. You can save the box and store everything inside. The telescope is also small enough to be stored on a desk or shelf.

5. 360 Degree Rotation

The ToyerBee Refractor Telescope rotates a full 360 degrees allowing you to view the entire sky at every angle once your telescope is set up.

Pros and Cons of ToyerBee Refractor Telescope


  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable Price
  • Light Weight


  • Not Suitable For Professional Use
  • Difficult To Move Around

Tips of Use ToyerBee Refractor Telescope

1. Adjust To The Dark

Remember to give your eyes some time to adjust to the darkness. It will take your eyes 30 to 45 minutes to acclimatize to the darkness, allowing you to see things in the dark more clearly. Stay in the dark after your eyes have adjusted.

If you need something, don’t go back to your house. Your eyes only need 5 to 7 minutes to adjust to the light, but they will need another 30 to 45 minutes to adjust to the dark when you return outside.

Your eyes are most sensitive to red light at night, so you’ll see more of this colour at a given brightness. Use a red flashlight, set the intensity to the lowest usable level, and only look at the object it illuminates for a few seconds.

2. Avoid Eye Fatigue

Take small breaks during your observation session and do some simple eye exercises every 20 minutes or so. For instance, cup your hands about your eyes and relax for 60 seconds. Alternatively, simply glance away from the eyepiece for 20 seconds and roll your eyes up, down, around, and side to side; then relax for another 30 seconds with your eyes closed.

How do You Use a ToyerBee Telescope?

Start with opening the tripod. Attach the tripod accessory tray bracket. Mount the tripod on top of the telescope tube. Place the finder scope, eyepiece, and 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece in the finder scope. Finally, turn the focus knob to see a clear image.

What Can You See Through a Refractor Telescope?

You can see many things with a refractor telescope, including the binary stars, polar ice caps, structure of sunspots, granulation and solar flares, and phases of Mercury and Venus.

What is the Difference Between a Reflector and a Refractor Telescope?

Refractor telescopes use specialized lenses that make them favourite deep space objects like galaxies and nebulae. Reflector telescopes are more popular with more extensive and brighter objects like the Moon and planets because they use mirrors that provide more sensitivity to all wavelengths.



If you are looking for a relatively easy to use, budget telescope, the ToyerBee 70mm Aperture (15X-150X) Portable Refractor Telescopes does the job nicely. If you are a parent/grandparent looking for a gift for an inquisitive child, this is fantastic.

It produces some very clear images. The spotting scope actually is usable, making finding images in the objectives much easier. The tripod is quite stable, which is a huge plus. You can either put it on a table or lay in the grass.

Next time when you are looking to buy a telescope, be sure to try the ToyerBee 70mm Aperture (15X-150X) Portable Refractor Telescopes.

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