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Why is My Celestron Telescope Upside Down?

Why is My Celestron Telescope Upside Down?

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“It hurts when you own an expensive Celestron telescope, but it shows an upside down view. Are you one of them who is facing this Upside down issue? If you are facing this issue, then you must be a beginner because this is not an issue at all.”

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You surely get confused when you look at the Moon through a telescope and see a Moon from Doraemon’s mirror world. Moon, not only the Moon but other stars too, look rotated or flipped right to left. This can be difficult to understand for many beginners. However, you do not have to worry. We are here to relieve your headache.

In this article, you will find out the answer to “why is my Celestron upside down.” Reasons and solutions to this upside down problem are given in this article.

Do All Telescopes Show An Upside Down Image?

All lenses work as a mirror; even the image erected by the brain is inverted by the human eye. However, all telescopes and even cameras have inverted images. There is a famous saying in the astronomer’s world that no up and down is present in space. Up and down is of no importance in space.

Moreover, the object appears upside down in those telescopes that contain Newtonian reflectors with two mirrors. If the Telescope contains Nasmyth Coude with three mirrors, then the image will appear as the right to left reversed. Upside down view is produced by a simple refractor.

How To Correct A Celestron Telescope’s Upside Down Image

Well, the answer to the question “why is my Celestron upside down” is depended greatly upon what type of instrument you’re using.

1. Refractor

Let’s talk about refractors. A refractor is basically a telescope that has an objective lens at the front and an eyepiece holder at the back. If you were to take a standard 20 millimeter eyepiece and insert it directly into the back of the scope and look straight through the scope, you would be seeing an image that is upside down.

By adding an accessory in the Celestron telescope called star Diagonal, you will see a mirror reversed image left to right. However, you will be seeing an image that is correctly oriented up and down but still mirrors reversed, left to right. The diagonal looks like L shaped piece, kind of triangular. This contains either a mirror or a prism depending on the type of model.

2. Newtonian Reflector

Now we go on to Newtonians reflector.  This is going to be a little bit different. This design has your mirror at the back. There is a small secondary mirror on the inside that redirects the light out the eyepiece, which is at the top of the tube. To correct the image in Newtonians, use a specialized piece that we offer that is included with the Astra master line and with the Powerseeker Newtonians.

That special lens is known as 20 millimeter erect image eyepiece. What makes this eyepiece special is that it is longer than the standard piece. There is a Poro prism in it that allows you to flip the image.

Different Orientation of The Moon Through Different Equipment

1. Naked Eye Or Binoculars

You must have seen the Moon thousands of times with your naked eye. You must have an idea of the Moon how it looks with the naked eye. If no! then see tonight. The point is that you see the same Moon through binoculars. Orientation does not change with Binoculars’ optics.

2. Vertically Sitting Eyepiece

An eyepiece is a type of lens that is connected to a telescope. Vertically sitting eyepiece in the refractor or Newtonian shows a flipped vertically or upside down image of the Moon.

3. Star Diagonal

Prisms used in telescopes are known as star diagonal. A Cassegrain or refractor with star Diagonal shows an upright but mirrored picture of the Moon. It shows a view with east and west flipped and north at the top.

4. Erecting Prisms

Erecting prism is a right-angled visual prism that is used upright in an inverted image. Nasmyth coude Telescope with an erecting prism gives Upside down and mirrored orientation. It really is awkward.

Basic Physics Behind This

The physics behind this is that the converging light rays in the Telescope hit the objective at the top and travel continuously to form the bottom of the picture when light enters and bounces back of a telescope through a lens when you look through Newtonian Reflector or Refracting Telescope without star diagonal or any other equipment.

What do you Mean by Telescope Inverted?

A telescope is said to be inverted when it shows an upside down or flipped image. In simple, an inverted telescope is a telescope in which views or images are seen as mirrored. Objects are seen as Upside down in that inverted Telescope.

Why not Correct the View?

There is no upside down in space. You do not need to correct the view unless there is a specific purpose for doing it so. Correcting the view overall disturbs the quality of the view. To correct the view, different instruments are used, like prism or star diagonal, and those instruments provide a slightly dimmer image, with incorrect color or sharp spike.

Should I Consider My Telescope as Defective When it Shows Everything Upside Down?

If you are seeing everything Upside down from your Telescope, well, do not worry. It is not something to worry about. Telescopes are designed in a way to orient flipped or upside down images.

Orientation of the object is a problem on the earth but not in space. In short, your Telescope is okay.


To conclude, you must have found your answer to “Why Is My Celestron Upside Down.” We have come across the reason for this Upside down, its solutions for a specific purpose and different views through different optical instruments.

At last, the simplest explanation is that it really does not matter what orientation in space is; what looks right side up to someone in Japan will look upside down to someone in Canada.

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