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Is the HEXEUM Astronomical Refracting Portable Telescopes Great For Kids?

Is the HEXEUM Astronomical Refracting Portable Telescopes Great For Kids?

Top 5 Hot Selling Telescopes (5 Best Telescopes In 2021)

We Like
Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ
+ Quality Optics
+ Wireless Remote
+ TWO-YEAR Warranty
- The Stand is Short
Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope
+ Easy Portability
+ Best For Imaging
+ Pleasing Wide-Field
- Headache of Setting Up EQ Mount
Celestron – AstroMaster 70AZ Telescope
+ Extraordinary Design
+ Reasonable Price
+ Durable and Functional
- Limited Mount
Honslis 70mm Aperture 500mm Telescope
+ Simple to Assemble
+ Waterproof
+ Budget-Friendly
- Dust-Sensitive
SOLOMARK 70700EQ Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope
+ High Magnification Power
+ Brighter and Clear View
+ Connectable to Phone
- Slightly Pricey

“A telescope is a perfect gift idea for kids and the HEXEUM Telescope AZ50070 is one of the best options you can consider for your kids.”

Telescope 70mm Aperture 500mm – for Kids & Adults Astronomical refracting Portable Telescopes AZ Mount Fully Multi-Coated Optics, with Tripod Phone Adapter, Wireless Remote, Carrying Bag

This simple and easy-to-use telescope is perfect for beginners and little ones who are just starting to build their interest in science and astronomy. It offers excellent optics with impressive magnification that makes it possible to see the moon, planets, and far away planets up close. In this article, we review some of the most important features of this telescope, and one is the perfect space viewing device to get your kids started on their astronomical journey.


The HEXEUM Astronomical refracting Portable Telescopes offers excellent optics that delivers stunning views of objects in space while also protecting the eye. The telescope features have a 500mm(f/7.1) focal length and a 70mm aperture. The aperture is fully multicoated to protect the eye while viewing.

The telescope’s high-definition imaging tube further enhances what you see through this lens. This portable telescope also offers high magnification which makes it possible to see objects up close. It features a 25mm and a 10mm lens which is replaceable.

The unit also comes with a 3x magnification Barlow lens with a dimension of 1.25”. This further boosts the magnification power of each lens. There’s also a finderscope which makes it easier to locate objects with this telescope. This makes it perfect for children and beginner astronomers.


The telescope is solid and well-built. Although quite affordable, it does not feel cheap at all. It has an attractive black color and all the parts from the lenses to the telescope barrel are quite solid and durable. This is particularly important for kids and beginners that may not know how to handle a telescope properly yet.

The tripod is made with durable aluminum alloy and has a solid build. The height is quite flexible and can be easily adjusted to suit your needs thanks to a 3-position leg angle. By varying the angle between the legs of the tripod, you can adjust the view from the telescope to your convenience. To further improve the flexibility, the tripod also features a 3-way head which can be tilted or swiveled around.

The telescope can be positioned on the tripod in both landscape and portrait mode. The entire tripod is fully collapsible for easy storage when not in use and for convenient transportation. This product also comes with a carry bag which can be easily carried with you everywhere you go.


  • Portable and convenient to use
  • Excellent optics and safe to use
  • High magnification with two eye pieces and a Barlow lens that trebles the magnification
  • A 5×24 finderscope which makes it easy to locate objects easily
  • Phone compatible.


  • May not be suitable for advanced users since it does not have a lot of extra features

Is the HEXEUM Telescope 70mm Aperture 500mm Phone Compatible?

Not only is this telescope great for viewing objects, but it is also perfect for some beginner-level space photography. It is fully phone compatible. The easy-to-use phone adapter mount makes it possible to attach your phone to the camera and capture clear high definition photos.

The adapter mount is a quick alignment version that makes phone-to-telescope connections possible. It also comes with a wireless remote which can be used with any mobile phone. The wireless remote makes it even easier to take pictures with your phone.

Is the HEXEUM Telescope AZ50070 Easy To Set Up?

Setting up this telescope is quite easy. It comes with an 8-page manual that contains detailed information on how to set up and use this telescope. The instructions in the manual are straightforward and easy to follow. There are also detailed videos online that explain how the setup process works.

Most people prefer the 25mm lens and use it more often for viewing the full moon but the 10mm lens works great as well. Because of the ease of use and setup, this unit is ideal for beginners that are completely new to astronomy.

Is the HEXEUM Telescope Suitable For Children?

The Hexeum telescope has plenty of features that make it suitable for both kids and adults who are just starting to learn how to use a telescope. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles so setting up and using the telescope is quite straightforward. It also has a lightweight tripod that is easy to move around and position for your convenience. The height of the tripod can also be varied to an ideal height.

This beginner telescope is designed to make observation easy by providing a stable platform for anyone curious about learning about the universe. It can be used by kids from 6 years and above.



When choosing a telescope for kids, it is important that you consider the ease of use, convenience, and portability of the device you will buy. HEXEUM Astronomical refracting Portable Telescopes ticks all the boxes as far as beginner telescopes are concerned.

It is also quite affordable so you won’t be splashing too much money on purchasing this unit. Yet, it is just as functional and efficient as many pro-level telescopes. If you’re looking for an impressive gift idea for your kid that is obsessed with astronomy, this telescope would be an ideal choice to consider.

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