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Is the Cycvis Bird Watching Binoculars Good For Bird Watching?

Is the Cycvis Bird Watching Binoculars Good For Bird Watching?

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Cycvis is one of the most popular optics device brands around. The company is popular for making quality and cost-effective optics devices and has developed more than 20 models of different kinds of binoculars. This includes both low and high-end optic products.”

The Cycvis 10×42 Binoculars for Adults is one of the most popular binoculars from this brand. This is an upgraded version of an earlier version that delivers professional-grade performance and an intuitive user experience. In this review, we will be exploring the features, pros, and cons of this binoculars to determine if it is ideal for birdwatching, concerts, hunting, and other similar uses.

What Size Binoculars Are Good For Bird Watching?

Generally, good size of binoculars for birdwatching would be between 7x to 10x magnification. However, it is important to note that magnification isn’t the only factor to consider in picking the right size of binoculars. Another important variable you should check is the size of the objective lens (the lens on the big end) of the product you intend to purchase. These two factors contribute to the overall size, weight, and ability of your binoculars to gather light. They also impact the field of view, how well you can hold the device steady, and how much the binoculars will cost.

As a general recommendation, in full-sized birding binoculars, the ratio of the magnification to the size of the objective lens of this device should be 1:5 and this is the most common binocular size. This ratio is known as the exit pupil. This specification is also a major factor that determines the brightness of the image produced by the binoculars when in light of low intensity.

Following this criterion, binoculars with an 8×42 are generally brighter than this specified ratio. Other popular binoculars or birdwatching such as 10×42 and 8×32 are dimmer than this ratio. The implication of this is that they produce fine images in bright light but will have a dimmer display in light of low intensity.

Also, you should consider the fact that having larger lenses may also mean the binoculars will be heavier. The heavier the binoculars, the harder it would be to hold them steady which can make it problematic to use when you intend to be on the field for long hours.

Cycvis 10×42 Binoculars Overview

The Cycvis 10×42 Binoculars is a quality product and one of the best birdwatching binoculars you can possibly buy. This pair of binoculars offer 10x magnification which ensures larger and clearer images with more details. This is a large eyepiece binocular with an 18mm eyepiece which provides a much larger field of view and lets you see farther.

Yet, this pair of binoculars has a compact and lightweight design. It weighs only 1.1 pounds despite the high magnification and larger eyepiece. This makes it suitable for both adults and kids and comfortable for all-day use. Whether you use glasses or you are viewing with the naked eye, this binocular has an adjustable eye relief that makes it comfortable to use.

Features Of the Cycvis 10×42 Binoculars

  • 10X Magnification: this portable binocular offers 10x magnification. This is the highest maximum magnification you can achieve with and handheld optic device. The magnification also ensures that the image remains stable when in use and is just perfect for birdwatching.
  • Large Field of view: one of the most outstanding features of these binoculars is the large field of view. It features a 42mm large objective lens and a large eyepiece lens with an 18mm diameter. This allows you to see distant objects with greater details. The larger lens also helps to increase the luminous flux of the binoculars for crispier and sharper images.
  • Full Multi-layer Coating: this is another feature that enhances the image quality of this binocular. The corrective multilayer coating helps the lens to transmit light more excellently and enhances the view through the binoculars.


  • Optical coating for excellent light transmission
  • Eye relief can be adjusted by simple rotation for comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • The edges may get blurry after focus

Is the Cycvis Bird Watching Binoculars Good For Outdoor Use?

Yes, this Cycvis Bird Watching Binoculars is built for outdoor use thanks to a number of features that protect it from the elements. This includes an O-ring that helps lock moisture out and an anti-fog coating to make the device fog proof. The main body of this device also has a rubber coating and is designed to be rugged and durable which makes it suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.

Are 10X42 Binoculars Good For Bird Watching?

Yes, 10×42 binoculars are often considered among the best options for bird watching. Although 8x binoculars are often preferred, 10X binoculars are equally great for bird watching especially when you need to view more distant birds or watching in an open country.

What Kinds Of Phones Can the Smartphone Holder On the Cycvis Binoculars Be Used To Hold?

One of the features of the Cycvis Bird Watching Binoculars is the smartphone holder suitable for holding different kinds of mobile devices. Installing the smartphone holder is easy and it allows you to produce HD videos and images that you can share with your friends or watch later. It is perfect for iPhone 7 &7 Plus, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, Samsung GALAXY S9 & S9 Edge, LG, Sony, HTC, and pretty much all other smartphones that are on the market.


There is no doubt that the Cycvis 10×42 Binoculars is suitable not just for birdwatching but for many other outdoor activities as well. It has a lightweight and ergonomic design which makes it quite convenient to handle.

It is also built to perform efficiently thanks to a larger ocular lens for sharper images and a wider field of view. Whether you are birdwatching, camping, moon watching, or any other outdoor activities, this device can get the job done perfectly for you.

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