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Celestron(21061) Astromaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope

Is Celestron (21061) Astromaster 70AZ Telescope Worth the Money?

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Celestron – AstroMaster 70AZ Telescope
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+ Reasonable Price
+ Durable and Functional
- Limited Mount
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“Are you searching for the best refractor telescope to spend the night under the sky with a bright and high-fidelity view of planets? If yes, then Celestron(21061) Astromaster 70AZ Telescope is perfect for you.”

Celestron – AstroMaster 70AZ Telescope – Refractor Telescope – Fully Coated Glass Optics – Adjustable Height Tripod – Bonus Astronomy Software Package

We understand that for an astronomy lover, it is awful to have a telescope on which you spend all the night but not able to enjoy a lovely view of the sky. Also, it is troublesome to use a telescope that cannot focus on objects easily.

Furthermore, it is better to have a telescope that is suitable enough for looking across long distances. Therefore, we will review the Celestron(21061) Astromaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope for you in this article. So, if you want to know about this telescope, then keep reading the article below. So, let’s get into it to have more insight!

Outstanding Qualities Of Celestron (21061) Astromaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope

Celestron(21061) Astromaster 70AZ Telescope has a focal length of 70mm and an aperture of 70mm. It provides an excellent viewing experience for both the sky and earth. So, if you want a telescope having dual functions, it is just right for you.

It contains two mirrors. The primary mirror is more significant in size and is present at the back end of a telescope. The secondary mirror is small in size and is present beneath the focuser in front of the tube. You can adjust these mirrors by loosening and tightening its three screws.

In addition, the weight of Celestron(21061) Astromaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope is only 18 lbs. The tripod of the telescope is made up of steel and is pre-assembled. If you want to carry the telescope along with you, then for easy transportation, you can remove the tripod.

Furthermore, it is easy to set up, so it is perfect for beginners. Also, it has a panhandle having Alt-Azimuth control; therefore, you will have total control over it. Besides, it is smooth enough to move so that you will enjoy a clear view of celestial bodies.

Incredible Features Of Celestron (21061) Astromaster Refractor Telescope

Let’s discuss some of the remarkable features of the Celestron (21061) Astromaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope, making it unique from other telescopes.

  • High-Quality Optics

This telescope has two different eyepieces, one is 10 mm, and the other is 20mm with a magnification of 165x. Also, it has multicoated optics that reduce the flair breakdown when it passes through it, which results in clear and brighter images.

  • Built-In Encyclopedia

The telescope includes a Sky-X astronomy software containing more than ten thousand informative pictures and coordinates about celestial bodies. So, it provides you a virtual encyclopedia of the night sky. It will allow you to learn about what you are viewing in the sky.

  • Optimal Performance

It provides maximum optical performance. For optimizing the visual performance of the telescope, you can re-collimate the telescope. If you want maximum resolutions, then line up the optical elements in a balanced position.

  • Reliable Accessories

In addition, this telescope has a built-in star pointer finder scope. The view of the finder scope is broader, which helps you navigate the sky at night. Also, it has a deluxe accessory tray. You can use it for placing necessary telescope accessories near your access.

  • Adjustable Tripod

The tripod leg is adjustable, so you can extend it to the height you desire. The lowest level of height is 69 cm, and the highest height is 119 cm. For a complete focus on a particular object, turn the focus knob counterclockwise.

Pros and Cons of Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Telescope


  • Extraordinary design
  • Suitable for kids
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and functional


  • Limited mount
  • Heat sensitive

Some Beneficial Tips For Using Celestron 70AZ Telescope

  1. You can also change the power of your telescope by change the eyepiece. For calculating the magnification powers, divide the telescope’s focal length by the focal length of the eyepiece. The most powerful and valuable magnification power is 144mm.
  2. Also, determining the field of view is crucial. After selecting the magnification power, you can calculate the field of view by dividing the eyepiece’s apparent field by the magnification power.
  3. If the optics becomes blurry with dust, then clean it with a soft brush. Next, spray on the optics using an optical cleaning solution. Use tissue for removing remaining debris. Do not rub and apply low-pressure strokes from the center towards the outer portion.
  4. Avoid looking at the sun directly with a telescope instead use a solar filter. Besides, do not use a telescope to project a picture of the sun onto any other surface. It can build up internal heat, which can damage the accessories of the telescope.
  5. If you wear corrective lenses, especially glasses, then you have to remove them when viewing objects through the eyepiece attached to the telescope. However, if you have astigmatism, then you can use contact lenses.


1. Is it possible to mount a DSLR camera to the Celestron Astromaster?

  • Yes, you can mount your DSLR camera to the Celestron Astromaster. But for doing that, you will need a T-ring and an adapter. The T- ring will lock onto the camera’s body like a lens, and the prime focus adapter will work as an eyepiece.

2. Is the Celestron Astromaster made from plastic?

  • No, it is not made from plastic. Instead, the material of the optical tube of Celestron Astromaster is aluminum, and it has high-power achromatic glass lenses. Besides, the legs of the tripod are rust-resistant steel.

3. Is the Celestron Astromaster portable or not?

  • Yes, it is lightweight due to which it is highly portable. Also, the tripod is adjustable and removable, so it is easy to set up and use. Due to its user-friendly features, it is best for kids as well as adults.


In short, Celestron(21061) Astromaster 70AZ Telescope is a suitable option for you if you are curious about outer space. In addition, it has different features, including a built-in encyclopedia, adjustable tripod, sky-x taxonomy software, and much more.

Indeed, it is the best choice for beginners as it is easy to use. We have discussed all its features and if you have liked it then without wasting time, go and try it.

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